Hi you are now visiting the site made  by Souhyb, the owner of Charmed A New Destiny Awakens on byond. This site was made to advertise my game and also show the way you can play the game, the rules, and much more so you wont be lost. This game is based on the Charmed Tv show. It shows many similiraties like in the show. You can also interact with more players online, since this is a online game, so that means making new friend and enemies since you can kill each other and more in the game.

The Links Below are the forum, where you can apply for game moderator and suggest updates for the game. The games site, so you can log into the game and also byond, where you must download a file,100% free, where you can start playng my game and many more that host thier games at byond.


Click here for the Forum!

Click here for the Games Site!

Click here for the Byond Site

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