This is a game that me,Souhyb, am currently coding and my side owner Lord Artemis is iconning. I learned how to code in the summer and my friend gave me a rip to start me off. Now my game wiht major updadtes has become one greate byond game ranked at 38. I apperatiate all that play and would like to thank all who support the game. I try to make the game as realistic a the show but usually things dont work out that way all of the basic owers are in the game. And there is more dvanced powers too. I cant wait for ou to play. Byond members get bost and Byond members who rank get a bigger boost.  The only way the game will be better is with your support and i hope  you helpme in the game by teing me what you want. There is also a forum so that you can have fun in game and much much more. Apply for ranks, and gm on the forum and state your suggestions there!

Let Your voice be heard!!

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