This game has so many powers its literally hard to count. There are diffrent powers for diffrent races and skills. In the beginning you must go to the school to pick your race and skill and after you do that you need to train. Training gains more powers since you dont get any pwoers when you start. Training makes your powers increase. There alot of ways to get around the first is by walking. The second is by Orbing if your a whitelighter, or demon or many more.


The races are:

Witch , Valkyries, Whitelighters, Halfwhitelighters , Mysticlighters, Gypsies, FireStarters, Spirts, Cupids, and Much More for the side of good. 

For the Side of evil, Warlocks, Demons, Darklighters, Ghosts, Mysticlighters, Half Demons, Vampires, and Werwolfs. These are just      some of the races of both good and evil.                                                                                                       

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